So yesterday’s email is kinda late, like an entire day!

That’s because yesterday was one of those days where I only managed to sit down and work at 4pm.

Today I’m just doing a half day, got some fun things to get up to this afternoon, so I’m doing this email bright and early.

And boy have their been some great posts.

I’m keeping it short and sweet today because I’ve only got an hour left before I need to go. So without further ado, I’m going to leave you with today’s best blog posts.




How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website with These 10 Lead Generation Strategies

The Simple Way To Get More Leads!

One of my favourite blogs is Neil Patel’s. The content he provides is amongst some of the best content I’ve seen anywhere.

If you’re not already following his blog, then I recommend you do, or… you just keep reading this email because I’m following it and will let you know where there’s something you need to read.

Today I want you to look at this post which shows how to drive more traffic.

Like all of the posts on this blog, it’s pretty chunky in length, which is something he does because it’s proven blog posts over 2000 words have better SEO value.

The only thing I disagree with in his list of ten is the infographics session. For me, they take a ton of time to create (or are very expensive) and the time-cost benefit isn’t worth it.

Different if you’ve got some good social media presence and a network who will share it for you. Then they’re worth it, otherwise I’d give them a miss for now.


How 6 Months of a Daily Journaling Habit Changed My Writing

This Actually Works

There’s no doubt that writing daily will change the way you write. It’s one of the reasons that I write this email every day, apart from it being enjoyable.

Without any shadow of a doubt, if you need to write, and who doesn’t in this age of internet, then doing writing daily is the best thing you will ever do for your writing.

The hardest part of it is the discipline of doing it.

Loryn shares how she did it here, and has all the data to back it up.

Which is a good thing, because there’s no way I’m every going to spend the time looking through all that data, life’s way to short 😀


$27.4 Billion A Year

The Richest Woman In Real Estate Shares Her Best Advice

If you ask anybody, $27.4 billion is a LOT of money. Doesn’t matter who they are.

You can also be sure that… the person who built a company from nothing to that value is going to have some pretty damn good advice.

There’s lots I could say, but I don’t want to spoil this interview. It’s a damn good read.

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