100% Guaranteed To Not Succeed

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I am up for anything easy and free

This was a recent comment in our Facebook group. And I can guarantee that it’s a mindset which won’t succeed.

The first thing is the word “easy”. Well anything’s easy if you know what you’re doing. I’d say that my business is “easy”, I know a furniture maker who says his job is “easy” and an engineer for McClaren who designs their engines who says his job is “easy”.

Would I think that making furniture or designing engines is easy? Of course not. I’d think it was damn difficult because I’ve never done it and I’m not experienced in it.

So if you’re doing something you’ve not been successful at yet, then you’re still learning. And if you’re still learning… then nothing’s going to be easy.

Then we have the “free” word.

I see this word battered around internet marketing forums all the time. If you think you’re going to be successful doing something that’s free then let me share this with you…

Nothing is free.

Unless you consider your time to be valueless. Me personally, my time is the most valuable thing I own. Which means spending ten hours a day doing something is anything but free, it’s pretty damn expensive because it’s taking up time I could spend with my family.

Oh yeah, the whole “I’ll do anything” bit of the post I get the sentiment of. I’ve been there. I’ve been prepared to do anything to make some extra cash. But here’s the truth…

If you’re selling knowledge online, then you have to be selling knowledge you have, not knowledge you’ve read in a forum and never tried out yourself. Do that and everyone will see through you and you won’t be successful.

Nothing that’s worth doing is free and easy.

And this isn’t going to be free or easy, but it will work!



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