$111,000,000 in 6 months

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If you’re into football then you probably know who Lionel Messi is. I’m not into football, but my attention was peaked when I heard he’d earned $111 million dollars in 2018 so far!

That’s $596,774 per day.

Which is a pretty obscene amount of money for a footballer to earn IMHO.

In 2017 he signed a contract that pays him $80 million per year.

Then he makes $27 million per year in endorsements.

He has a lifetime deal with Adidas.

Barcelona consider him so valuable that if he ever leaves, the club buying him will need to pay $835 million.

Two things…

1) I doubt I will ever be that wealthy, nor do I ever need to be.

2) If you get this email to your inbox then my email reputation has recovered from when I killed it last year, because there are enough dollar signs to light up every spam filter going 😀




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