5 Hard Truths (This Is Gonna Hurt!)

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There’s some things I’d like to clear up today. Some things that may be kinda painful if they’ve happened to you in the past.

But… suck it up. Understand them. Move on.

We all make mistakes, it’s part of life. Yes, it sucks balls. But pick yourself up and move on.

Hard Truth 1

Making money online is the same as running any business. You won’t make money overnight. It doesn’t happen unless you’re starting with a shitload of cash (and even then doesn’t happen often).

Hard Truth 2

You’ve gotta work damn hard to make this work. If you want someone else to do it for you then you’re in the wrong place.

Hard Truth 3

If you’re selling knowledge (A.K.A. digital products) then don’t sell knowledge you don’t have a clue about. Why would anybody want to learn how to make money online off you if you’ve never made money online! Sell stuff you know about.

Hard Truth 4

Don’t spend money you can’t afford. You can build an online business without any serious money. Can you do it quickly? No. Can you do it? Hell yes, I did. But you gotta work hard and have some patience.

Hard Truth 5

Don’t be a greedy bastard. It’s all about helping others to achieve. If you’re only thinking “me me me” then it’s going to be as clear as mud. Nobody wants to spend money with someone who doesn’t give a f**k about them.

Got those? Right, now let’s move on and actually build a bizniss that people want to spend money with because they trust you and know that you know your shit.

Catch you later,


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