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You’ve only got five hours left before I send everything over to the printer for December’s edition of Business Ignition.

Here’s where you need to go now to get it:


Inside this months magazine you’ll get the updated version of the step-by-step Business Ignition manual, and a complete guide to copywriting.

It’s already been suggested to me that I should be selling the copywriting guide for $1997.

After all it’s only got what you actually need in it, no fluff, and it takes you by the hand through a process that will have you writing copy which outperforms six-figure copywriters in a matter of days.

But it’s only going to work for those folk who implement it.

If that’s you, you’re gonna make a lot more mullah once you have it.



P.S. That means inside this months Business Ignition you’ll get…

* The ultimate online business model

* Autoresponders, why they’re essential to making money online

* Setting up your autoresponders to work for you

* Making a self-liquidating funnel

* Getting paid to build your mailing list

* How to sell with emails

* Why emails are the easiest way to make a living online

* The art of split-testing

* How you’ll increase your earnings 1000%

* The ultimate traffic source

* Where to get leads from for $1 or less

* Copywriting secrets

* Becoming a six-figure copywriter in the next week

* How to write even if you can’t spell

* You will never again need to hire a copywriter

* Preventing writers block

* Making your copy write itself in just one day

* And mucho, mucho more…

* A complete online business blueprint

* How to generate leads for free

* Getting paid to build your mailing list

* The secret behind a 2 hour a day business

* Why keeping it simple always works best

* How to get rid of all the noise that’s preventing you being successful

* Step-by-step guide to building a six-figure income

* The truth of how most gooroos make their money online

* Six individual modules

* The ultimate copywriting system

* Become a six-figure copywriter in seven days

* The real secret behind awesome copy

* How to write converting copy even if you can barely write

Here’s the link to join:


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