If you read my earlier email then you’re going to know what I’m about to share.

If you didn’t… Shut this email quickly, go back through your inbox to look for the one I sent out earlier and read it. When you’ve read it, take a breath and then come back here.

For those of you who did read my earlier email, you’ll remember that I said I almost never use the pre-built templates in Thrive Landing Pages.

I don’t use them because I can build much higher converting ones. And here’s how I do it…

1. Keep It Simple

However many times I test the elegant, fancy and sexy looking squeeze pages, they never convert better than the simple ones made of headline, sub-headline, optin box and button.

2. Killer Headlines

The headline has to hit your prospect hard and fast. Keeping your landing page simple helps, there’s nothing else to distract. You also want to keep your headline as generic as possible while not promising something you won’t deliver.

For example… “Become A Super Affiliate” will automatically stop anybody opting in who doesn’t know what a super-affiliate is or doesn’t want to sell affiliate products. Using “Make Money Online By Tonight” will keep all the people who want to become super-affiliates and add in everybody else who just wants to make money online.

Headline writing is a massive subject and I’ll talk more about it in other emails.

3. Only Use Email

You don’t need to get first names. Using first names doesn’t make your email anymore personal. Think about how many emails you get with your name at the top from brands you’ve bought products from. Are they personal? Are they heck! Only asking for a prospects email will ramp up your optins.

4. Super Strong CTA’s

Your CTA (Call To Action) must be super strong. If it’s a bit wet then your optin rate will be too. And don’t just think about the text, think about your button design, colour and possibly even have animated graphics on it to make it stand-out.

5. Split-Test

Another massive subject, which we’ll go into further in other emails. But you should always be split-testing your squeeze pages. Have two pages testing at a time, after 200-300 visits see which one performed the best, keep it, make a change and start another test. Over time you’ll come up with the best page for your traffic.



P.S. I use, and love, Thrive Landing Pages to make my squeeze pages. This is where you can check out their joyousness…

>> https://michaelwilding.com/recommends/?id=thrvlndpg

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