8 Ways To Increase Your Pageviews

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4. Use A See Also Box

A See Also box isn’t used very often but can be very powerful when used on the right site. The best types of sites to use are those that have a high turnover of content.

A large amount of content means it very easy for your readers to miss things that they may find of interesting. A news site is the perfect example of where a See Also box is excellent.

There is no plugin that I currently know of that does this but you can use the Ad Injection plugin and YARRP to make it work. The See Also box is linking to a relevant post to the one that is being read. You will need a basic understanding of PHP and CSS to make this work. In the YARRP plugin you choose the PHP option and you put that into the Ad Injection plugin using the space that goes at the top of the post.

What you have done is to create an “advert” that contains the code for your See Also box instead of an advert.

5. Don’t Use Plugins That Load In-Page

A number of plugins use javascript to load data inside the same page that the reader has already loaded. In some situations this is advisable but, as often as possible, you don’t want to do this as it reduces your page views.

6. Display Latest Posts

Similar to our Related Posts, we also want to show our latest posts and WordPress comes with a widget that enables us to do this straight out of the box!

7. Use Round-Up Posts

Every now and then you should be putting round-up posts into your blog. If you’re writing a lot of content, which you should be, then you’ll find pretty quickly the posts you wrote a few months ago are no longer getting any views. But they still contain relevant content, so we want to send people back to them.

We can do this by using a Round-Up post where we create a post that links to the different posts on our website. For example we may have the Top 10 Best Ways To Build Your Email List and you would link to the top ten  articles on your blog that you’ve written about this.

8.  Make People Login To Comment

Most websites don’t make people login to place a comment. If you force your readers to login to place a comment then you’re going to create another two page views for every person who comments because you will be loading the login page and re-loading then page they want to comment on.

This can be very effective in increasing your page views, but you must be careful to only use it at the right time. You don’t want to use this when your site is just starting, at this point in your blogs growth you want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to interact with you. When you have a high-trafficked site and a loyal readership you can implement this and see a huge boost in your page views.

While we want to increase our page views we also need to strike a careful balance with our readers and monitor them at all times to get the balance between implementing strategies to increase page views and keeping our readers happy.

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