82% of Twitter users have less than 350 Followers

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Woah… read that again…

82% of Twitter users have less than 350 Followers

In fact, the average number of Followers is 208.

Maybe your Twitter account ain’t lookin so bad now 😉

44% of Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet, and only 34% of Twitter users log in more than once a day.

Which means we can assume that around 34% of Twitter users are active.

With 310 million users, that’s still 105.40 million active users. Which is pretty impressive.

The big question for us marketers is…

Can we make money from Twitter?

Just to confuse issues, my opinion is both yes and no.

In my experience, tweeting links direct to sales and landing pages will get you sweet ‘FA’. However, what Twitter does do, awesomely well, is to build your brand and voice.

You can build a large following, interact with them, share content and… send them to your blog posts. Doing this can build a following, and a percentage of that following will opt-in to your mailing list and buy your products.

But don’t use it as a direct marketing campaign.

The problem is always… how do you build a big following. A following of real people that actually interact with you.

Well my amigo, you’re in luck, because in the first issue of Business Ignition, I show you how I went from 10 Followers to 4522 in less than a year, pretty much on auto-pilot.

And it’s growing by 25-100 a day!

Oh yeah, and those are all real folk who talk with me, interact with me and Like and ReTweet my content.


Want to build your own Twitter following on auto-pilot? You’ve still got time to get next month’s issue of Business Ignition before it goes to print.



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