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Today’s newsletter comes from seat D37 on the LNER train to Scotland.

Getting the train was a close thing!

It was scheduled to leave at 9:48am, and it left bang on time. At 9:12am I was stepping into the shower at home, a twenty minute drive from the station.

I had such well intentioned plans of leaving in plenty of time and not having to rush, all of which seemed to fall apart when Max asked me to go and have breakfast with him 🙂

The last twenty four hours has been interesting, I’ve done what I said I would do and launched a few campaigns to generate leads.

I’ve currently got two campaigns running, one is focused on USA only traffic, and the other is Global.

There’s been some in-decision in my mind about whether to build a single or double optin mailing list. I started with a double optin, which, although not 100% necessary, if you’re getting leads from Europe is advisable to prove consent for marketing (assuming your confirmation email states exactly what they’ll be getting).

I then wondered whether single optin would be better, after all the conversion rate for double optin is pretty low on high quality traffic, around 40%, so I’d expect it to be even worse on lower quality traffic, which I assumed I was driving.

After flitting between the two and looking at the type of leads that were coming in, I decided…

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