I’m sorry.

I’ve still not finished my guide to using Amazon SES for sending emails.

I know, I know.

I’m convinced that somebody has shortened the hours between waking up and going to sleep!

TBH, I was considering blaming Christmas. But considering I’ve not bought a single Christmas card or present, I figure that wouldn’t really be fair.

It’s just that everything has been crazily busy!

Anyhoo… I wanted to send you a quick apology, and give you the heads-up that it will be finished next week (and it’s definitely worth waiting for).

In other news… we spent nearly three hours awake in the middle of the night while Max screamed at us. It was a joyful experience, but one I’d be happy not to repeat.

However, it meant he was pretty tired this morning (as were we!) and it gave me time to start using AdMailr in these emails.

You’ll see their adverts above and below the stunning piece of writing you’re currently reading 😉

I’ve never used them before, but heard some very good things, so I will keep you posted as to how I get on with them.


P.S. They’ve added MailWizz email software to their system for me, which means if you decide to follow my guide to cheap emailing with Amazon SES and use the same software as me, you can also use their advertising!

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