A little bit jealous

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BeeBee is definitely feeling a bit jealous at the moment!

I’ve been on my own (with help from my mum) with Max for the last few days and although she gets to spend all afternoon with me, she’s feeling like she’s not getting quite so much fuss.

How do I know?

Because whenever I’m playing with Max she’s pushing him out the way and putting her nose in my face.

Generally she loves being around him, she goes and sits by his cot in the morning when he wakes up, and she’ll sit next to him to make sure he’s alright.

Kinda like this…

How am I going to resolve it?

Once I’ve finished writing this email I’m going to take her for a nice long walk while Max stays with my mum.

Just her and I 🙂

Long dog walks also gives me time to get my thoughts in order.

Which is good, because running a business is essentially problem solving.

Just the other day I was talking to someone who was complaining that he never did any work because he was always fixing things that broke.

But here’s the thang…

As a business owner you start by doing all the work yourself. Generally things go okay because… you’re doing it yourself.

Then you get to busy, so you get someone to help you doing bits.

And that’s where it begins!

The first person is usually not to bad, but they’ll make a few mistakes. You probably won’t notice because you’ll fix it for them, or show them how to.

Then someone else will join the business, and they’ll make a few more mistakes.

You’ll try and get the first person to help the second person, and they will. But they’ll make some mistakes which compound on the ones they’re trying to fix.

And as you add more people to your busines your job role changes from doing the work to managing the issues.

That’s your role as business owner 😉

Over and out,


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