A Screaming Orgasm

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I had a screaming orgasm for the first time last night. It’s made of vodka, Bailey’s and Tia Maria (in case you were thinking of something else!)

And I loved it. After all, who wouldn’t love a screaming… he he he.

To be honest, I really needed one after a day of perilous tree surgery over the neighbours property. I was watching as the branches of 40 foot trees missed their property by inches as it came down.

I kept calm by repeatedly telling myself that they knew what they were doing.

But it still made me kinda nervous, knowing that I’d probably be the one having to foot the bill if something went wrong.

When they come back for round two, yes we have five rounds of tree surgery work to go, I’ll trust them implicitly.

Which is exactly how your mailing list should feel when you tell them something. They should trust you implicitly.

And they should do that, even if you’re selling them something every day.

You don’t need to be all namby pamby and worried about offending them. You need to treat them like normal people, they know you’re gonna sell to them, and they’ll love you for it.

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