A Student Stole My Car (and made me a fortune)

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Traffic. The secret key to internet marketing.

Just today I was helping my wife with the exams her drama students were doing and one of them was doing a drama piece which needed a rape alarm. I didn’t ask what play it was from, I thought it was better not to know.

We got to where the exams were being held, they got prepared and… bugger…

“What the heck are they going to use for the rape alarm.”

It was said by Holly in a hushed whisper while she was head deep into a bag of props trying to find something suitable.

How about my car key fob?

Turned out that was a pretty good idea. Until I suddenly realised that they’d finished their exam and were walking down the street home with my car keys.


I’ve never moved so fast. Except that time when I was running away from vultures in Botswana, but that’s a story for another time.

I caught up with them five minutes down the road and got my car keys back. Sending them on their way, I took the opportunity to have a look at my surroundings.

Okay, okay. I was knackered and needed a breather!

When I got my breath back I looked up and realised I was sitting on the curb of  a pretty damn busy road, and the traffic was solid. Like… you’re not going anywhere for the next two hours solid.

Which is kinda what happens to most folk on the internet who buy traffic.

You see traffic is seen as the golden goose. If you can afford to buy it then you’re going to make money.

So people go spend a hundred bucks and buy some traffic.

And… nada.

But other people do that so surely it should work for me?

Nope. It works for the other folk because they’ve got all sorts of other shit in place first. Such as high converting landing pages and a complete back-end plan for turning those leads into customers so they can re-invest the money they earn into more traffic and make more money and… repeat!

This isn’t just setting up some kind of landing page, sending out a PLR book in your niche and sending sales pitches.

I know a lot of people teach that. But, in my experience, it doesn’t work. And none of the folk teaching it are actually doing it.

There’s a reason for that 😉

If you’ve already got awesome landing pages and back-end conversion funnels in place that work then that’s awesome. I can get you all the high quality traffic you need, just hit me up by replying to this email.

But if you haven’t and want to know more about how to setup a proper online business structure. A structure that will allow you to buy traffic and actually make money from it, then post in our private Facebook group which you can join from www.michaelwilding.com

If you haven’t joined the private group, then what the heck are you waiting for! Go and join it now.

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