A Tube In The Brain

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As you may have guessed by email on Friday last week, I lost my mojo a little bit.

Unfortunately Max is back in hospital, and we’re going to be here for Christmas as he’s got a tube coming out of his brain.

It’s called an EVD, which is basically an external shunt. It means he can’t leave the ward for a minimum of two weeks.

So last week was quite frantic, however this week coming is going to be a bit better because they’re getting me accommodation so I can stay in the hospital grounds as well 🙂

What has this got to do with internet marketing.

Nothing and everything.

There’s nothing directly related to internet marketing, but if it wasn’t for internet marketing, I wouldn’t be able to sit, as I am now, next to Max’s cot in the hospital and work.

There wouldn’t be the option for me to temporarily move down to Cambridge and stay near him and Holly.

This is the perfect example of why you must ask yourself why you want to make money online. Do you…

A) Want to just make shite loads of money

B) Want a lifestyle so that you have as much free time as possible while earning enough to live comfortably

C) Want to do no-work and make loads of money

If you are in category C, then scroll to the bottom and hit unsubscribe.

That’s a fantasy.

Yeah, I know it’s a fantasy that we’ve all had at one point, but if you still believe it’s a possibility, then you’re not ready for what I’m teaching.

I can help you if you fall into category A, although you’re not my focus.

My focus is to help people who want to change their lifestyle, who want (or need) to spend more time with their families, more time experiencing life, more time doing things other than working, whilst being able to maintain a good lifestyle in the process.

That was always my goal, and I truly believe that if this is your goal, you will achieve it faster than you otherwise would.

So ask yourself why you want to make money online.

Define the reasons, define where you’d like to be by Christmas next year.

Then we can start working to make sure you achieve it.


P.S. For the next few weeks I’m only going to be sending one email a day, instead of my usual two.

P.P.S. Want the bets online business system? Look no further than Business Ignition.


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