I was checking out the Warrior Forum this morning, just having a browse and seeing if I could help some folk, when I came across a post from someone who’d been testing the cheaper type article writers.

Here’s what they got written for one cent per word:

“The world is moving first with great progress in everything and we are living first-life to keep tandem with everything around. To keep everything in order we are bound to live advanced life; but we easily fall prey to certain diseases associated to it, and Obesity and unwanted weight-gaining are the two most irritating diseases that is severely affecting to our life. 

“But, thanks to the god! A reliable product is around us in getting rid of obesity and unnecessary weight gain problems. It’s a wonder fruit that provides a number of benefits to our health. Yes, the diets of XXX XXX product helps in loosing wait, very first. Let’s take a look at how it works in loosing weight.”

That’s pretty much unintelligible. And if you put that on your blog, or anywhere else for that matter, you’d effectively be telling people that they shouldn’t listen to a word you say.

At one cent a word, that would have cost $1.20.

Is it worth $1.20? Nope, it’s not worth a single cent, because it’s totally unusable.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that this type of content is just from writers who charge one cent a word, I’ve seen similar things from people charging ten cents a word and even more.

Outsourcing your articles is something that’s important to scaling your business, but do it the wrong way, and you could be causing irreparable damage to your reputation.

Business Ignition members are going to find out how I outsource content, cheaply and at very high quality, in next months issue.



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