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Generally speaking, I’m a huge advocate of the NHS. I think it’s one of the most incredible services.

However, sometimes you hear things that make you so angry you just want to shout at someone.

We have a friend at the moment experiencing some of the most horrendous treatment.

At that’s not the medical treatment, it’s the way the information is delivered to them.

They’re given information in a way that nobody should ever hear things.

So the question is…

Does this come down to the hospital or the person delivering the information?

Obviously it’s down to the person delivering the information.

But… it seems to me that generally this happens across an entire department within a specific hospital.

We’ve experienced this ourselves with Max, and I moved him to another hospital.

Which makes me think it’s more of a culture based issue.

That culture, one assumes, comes down from the top. By definition the people who thrive in that particular hospital department will be most comfortable with how the staff culture is there.

What I don’t understand with cultures like this, is why people don’t think about how they’d want to be treated!

One thing’s for sure… if they were treated the way they treated people, they’d be furious. I can picture them storming into the hospital and shouting.

It’s almost as if they forget they’re dealing with other humans who have different complex emotions.

The sad thing is, it’s these stories that the newspapers use to make the NHS seem like it’s collapsing, or that doctors don’t care.

Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

What’s the solution?

I’ve got not idea, but someone needs to check the staff culture at certain hospitals because one thing’s for sure…

There’s massive improvements some of them can make.



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