Are fitness DVD’s a lie?

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This morning in the paper, amongst all the stories about murder, was this…

I mean… No S**t!

Of course, a fitness “regime” will help. But there’s no way you’re going to drop vast amounts of weight in sixty days through fitness alone.

Maybe over a year or two, but no way in sixty days.

Heck, I know someone who works in the fitness and weight-loss market and with good lighting and a little bit of make-up, you can make it look like someone’s gained a six pack within sixty minutes!

That’s not to say the fitness videos won’t get you fit. I’m sure they will. But what they won’t do is allow you to lose a gazillion stone.

But hey… that’s marketing!

And when you’re talking about a multi-billion dollar industry, a story in the paper isn’t going to change how people market.

Damn, you’re not going to change the way people market in most industries.


Because telling people what they want to hear will always out-sell telling people what they need to do.

Full stop.

As marketers it’s our job to make sure that we tread the line of telling people what they want to hear and being truthful about what the product does at the same time.

That’s the skill of a copywriter.

Wind that into a story which your audience can relate to and…

…you can call yourself a master copywriter.

Not to diminish the skill of copywriting.

But let’s be honest, it ain’t rocket science, it’s just practice 😉



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