Are you as smart as a fish?

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I was reading an article yesterday about how some fish are pretty damn smart.

The myth goes, that goldfish are supposed to have a memory of just three seconds. But apparently that’s untrue. They can actually recall events from as long as twelve days ago.

And if that wasn’t enough, some fish, such as the Frillfin goby (that’s a real fish, I didn’t just make it’s name up!), have an even higher level of intelligence.

Which makes me think they probably have a higher intelligence than some people.

Heck, I was walking BeeBee the other day, and there was another dog in the park. Not really surprising I know, but stay with me.

This other dog had brought it’s owner out for a stroll, and requested them to throw a ball, which they were doing.

As I got close to the owner, they said hello, and mentioned that their dog was very protective of balls, so please make sure mine didn’t run after it.

Before I’d had long enough to acknowledge this statement and reply, this imbecile had then picked up the ball and thrown it.

Now, I like to think BeeBee is well trained. I spent hours every day with her when we first brought her home, and she’s certainly better behaved than most dogs I see.

However, there’s absolutely no frickin chance that if someone she’s standing next to picks up a ball and throws it, she’s not going to run after it.

I mean, for most dogs who like chasing balls, that would be kinda like asking Moses to part the seas again.

To make matters worse, they then turned around and started getting pissed at me for letting my dog run after the ball.

There’s no doubt in my mind, that person has a smaller intelligence than the aforementioned fish.

Anyhoo, you’ll be pleased to know there were no fights, BeeBee and the other dog, who was clearly more intelligent than it’s owner, got on fine, and I walked off before my spiky remarks could be heard.

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Adios amigos.


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