If you’re looking for an article that’s going to show you how to make money on auto-pilot without you having to put in any work, then I’m sorry to say that this isn’t the one you are looking for.

There are plenty of sites telling you how to do that and…

Every single one will charge you or send you somewhere else. Why?

Because it’s not possible to make money on auto-pilot without putting some work in.

But… if you’re prepared to put in some time and effort to grow your business then you’ve come to the right place! Make sure you join my mailing list on the right to stay up to date with the latest posts.

Okay, so back to the big question…

How do you make money on auto-pilot?

We could talk about how you need to build a website, write content, get optin forms ready, setup an auto-responder, write emails, use social media and more. But that makes it sound very complicated, and it doesn’t have to be, and you probably already know all about writing good content, having an auto-responder etc…

If not then browse around this blog and you’ll find a bunch of articles about all of those things

Today though I want to show you the one thing that you need to do before you start. And that is to… plan what happens when someone joins your mailing list!

It’s easy, can be done in less than a day and…

Nobody does it when they start.

Which means it takes them at least twice as long to make a good profit and then longer still to automate that process.

Look at everything from your prospects point of view. Imagine yourself going through it and ask yourself what you would think of it. Be honest with yourself, if you’re pushing bad products or generally selling to aggressively would you get annoyed if someone was doing it to you and not giving you any content?

If the answer is yes then why are you thinking about doing that to your prospects. Don’t.

When someone joins your mailing list you have persuaded them, usually with the help of a freebie, to trust you enough to give you their email details. You have just broken down the first barrier. But don’t think they’re going to part with money just because they’ve given you an email address.

Yes, of course a certain percentage will which is why you see so many IM’ers sending you straight to a thank you page with a product to buy on it. But, I think that a slightly different approach is better.

At the moment you’ve sent your lead a freebie and outside of that offered them no content, nothing that’s really going to help them AND will allow you to contact them in an ongoing fashion.

So… give them something that does exactly that. Maybe membership to a paid ezine, a weekly private podcast or video training session etc…

But… give them their first month free. You see the next barrier to entry is that they haven’t given you their payment details. So ask for them but with the condition that you won’t take any money for a month and they can cancel at any time.

If they don’t take you up on that then send them into an email sequence which explains why they should trust you and do this. And here’s the key, this product has to be super high-quality.

It doesn’t matter if you only break-even on it. The purpose is to build your reputation in the eyes of your leads. And if you’re providing them awesome content at a low price point then that will do it for you.

The ultimate level of trust in the IM market is to help someone make a profit. Once you’ve done that then they’re going to trust that you will do it again and again and again.

Next time you come to sell a product they’re already going to want to buy it because the last time they did that you made them way more than their investment.

So far we have broken down two barriers of entry:

  1. Giving you an email address
  2. Entering payment details

The next one that needs to be broken down is giving you a payment upfront. And that’s what comes next. A low priced, just a couple of dollars or pounds, product.

It’s a psychological barrier that needs to be broken down that paying you for your help upfront will help your prospects to make more money in the long-term.

Obviously all of your products or services should be very high quality and so once someone joins they’re going to not only provide you testimonials, but they’ll recommend your product to other people as well and spread the word of how much you’ve helped them.

In these two products you’ve broken down the barrier to entry of giving you an email address, of entering their payment details and of paying your upfront.

The three primary steps in converting a lead to a raving fan. Every time they trusted you a bit more you didn’t just produce what they expected, you went above and beyond and gave them so much value that they now relate paying you to being successful.

And the great thing about this is that… it can all run automatically through your auto-responder!

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