What a week!

Holly’s back in hospital with Max 🙁

If you’re new to my newsletter, Max is my son, and he was born with a condition called Hydrocephalus. He had a shunt fitted a couple of weeks ago and now, sadly, he’s back in hospital.

He went back in for a setting change on the shunt, but they’ve found a possible infection. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, and we’re hoping that it’s not the case. If it is the case, it could mean a Christmas in hospital.

So keep your fingers crossed for us 🙂

The good news is…

Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim have just released a new product called Exact Model, and if you’re not a fan of copywriting, it’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Honestly, it’s pretty damn awesome!

It contains pre-written templates for every type of sales copy you’ll ever need.

And not only are they pre-written, but you can easily adjust them to suit your product.

It’s a bit like fill in the blanks. Except you’re doing it on templates created from sending 3.2 billion emails.

You can use it to write your…

* Sales letters

* Sales videos

* Upsells

* Downsells

* Emails

* Product launches

* Webinars

* Re-engagement

* Free content

And, there are templates for you if you’re selling products in…

* Internet marketing

* Personal development

* Health and wellness

* Fitness

* Hobby

* Social media

* Affiliate marketing

* Coaching

* List building


Heck, to be honest, it wouldn’t take much to adapt them to fit pretty much any niche you wanted!

If you’re hoping to get all this for a few bucks, it ain’t gonna happen. But when you bear in mind that a good sales letter can cost you $10,000 on it’s own, it’s cheap. Stupidly cheap.

Getting every sales letter you’re ever gonna need, for 2.5% of the cost of a single one written by an expert copywriter, is kinda a bargain.

Anyhoo, if you want to check out the video, you can see it in action using the link below.



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