Beer & Chorizo

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Yesterday I headed down to London to see a friend I’ve not seen for some time.

We spent the first twenty minutes walking around Kings Cross looking for a bar where we could sit outside. 

Man it was packed.

I mean, what the heck are all these people doing drinking when they should be at work!

Eventually we found a bar with a couple of tables available outside and made ourselves comfortable.

You can tell what type of bar it was because the only lager they had came in a fashionably elegant bottle and was called Posh!

When a bar serves beers like that, you know the choice of food’s going to be equally wanky.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this kind of bar, but there’s no getting away from them trying slightly too hard to be fashionable.

We got the menus and there was a range of tapas style dishes and hot sandwiches. I opted to go for the hot chorizo and cheese sandwich.

Did I mention the menu was going to be a bit wanky?!

So we sat down with a cold beer and chorizo sandwich, and got talking.

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