Tonight, the September edition of the monthly Business Ignition magazine goes to print, and if you want to have the advantage of soaking in the knowledge contained within its pages, you’re gonna need to grab it now.

Inside it I share…

* The number one tool you must be using to grow an active Twitter following rapidly.

* Step-by-step guide to getting thousands of Twitter Followers on auto-pilot.

* Preventing your outsourced content from being the same as everyone else’s.

* The device you buy for less than a coffee, in any store, that will have you writing like a pro, even if you’ve never written before.

* Were to find the best people to write your content for you.

* How to pay a few dollars for blog content that would usually cost hundreds.

* Guaranteeing your emails actually get delivered.

* What Gmail, MSN, Yahoo and AOL now want to see in your emails.

* 99% of internet marketers don’t do this their email lists, and that massively damages their profit.

* Making profits from people who no longer read your emails.

* The biggest Facebook advertising lie revealed.

* The one thing you must be doing, that 99% of marketers don’t, if you want to make a profit from your Facebook advertising.

* Discovering your customer so you can give them what they want.

* How to go from zero to thousands in 24 hours with a video marketing business.

* Four steps to profiting online in the next seven days.

The clock is ticking, and after midnight tonight the opportunity to get this magazine will have gone.


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