Blowing Off

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Sometimes you just have to do it!

You just have to blow off all the stress that’s been building up.

Do you wake up feeling tired?

Do you feel like you should be doing more exercise?

Do you struggle to push yourself out of the routine you’re stuck in?

Well, congratulations, that means you’re human!

Every single person on the planet has felt that at some point, and I’d deny anybody who says otherwise.

But here’s the cool part… being human also means you can blow it off.

And it’s something you MUST do.

Me, I go and see my friends. Last Friday I went into London with my oldest friends, and we did a pub crawl.

It was awesome. I had a hangover the next day, and by the end of the weekend I was feeling ready to tackle things again.

Was it about the pub crawl?


It was about the fact that I had spent time with friends, we’d talked about our worries, we’d laughed over things that happened, we laughed over memories, and generally… we’d just relaxed.

Now, pub crawls may not be your thang.

Which is cool.

But whatever your thang is, you must do it, and you must do it at least once per month. Minimum. Preferably you should do it every week.

To make your mind work at its best, you need to be able to let it relax. Think of it as a muscle, which it is. If you were training in the gym, and your muscles were always tense, they’d never be able to grow and develop.

The same is true with your brain.

You’ll never achieve your best if you’re always stressed.

So put in time to de-stress yourself each week. Actually, program it into your schedule, like it’s work, because the bottom line, is that it will make your work much better.

All the best,


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Can it work?


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