Builders in tights

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What an end to a holiday… Max ended up back in hospital with an infection, and we’re hoping that he will be able to come home today.

It looks like just a normal viral infection, but we’re waiting for his blood tests to come back today to make sure there’s no blood infection and it’s not a shunt infection.

But the main thing is… he’s now looking much better, happier and has started eating again 🙂

I get the feeling we’re going to be getting a lot of these trips over the coming years.

Anyhoo… I started work this morning, looked out my window and what did I see…

Builders in tights.


I’ve never thought about it before, but if you’d asked me if builders would ever where tights out of choice, I’m pretty sure I’d have said no.

But it’s true, and I’ll post a picture on my Facebook page and Twitter account later today.

And do you know what.

It’s starting to get pretty damn cold here, so fair enough.

Quite simply they want to stay warm, and the best way to do that is by wearing tights.

We should all be thinking less about our image and more about how to achieve what we want to achieve as quickly as possible.

Which is why when ThriveCart told me I could let you know about their service I jumped at the offer!

You can check it out here immediately.

I’ve been using ThriveCart as my payment processor and affiliate tracking software since January, having moved from InfusionSoft, and it’s the best thing I ever did.

If you want to take money online, then quite simply… you need this software.

And what’s more… you can still get it on a lifetime deal before they change it to a monthly fee!

Inside you will find quite possibly one of the simplest methods for creating order forms that convert like crazy.

5%, 10% , 15% conversions and higher!

All the design work has been done for you.

Their affiliate tracking system simply works.

End of.

If you’ve got experience with affiliate tracking systems, you’ll know that most are a nightmare and don’t actually track very well.

But ThriveCart does, and it will pay all your affiliates automatically when you want them to be paid, you don’t even need to log in. Just set it to pay after 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, whatever you like, and it will send them Paypal payments automatically and mark it off on their account.

They have integratoions with all the major autoresponders, membership platforms and webinar platforms.

Heck, you can even connect fulfillment services if you send real-world products, so you never have to touch your product once someone has purchased it!

And if they don’t connect with it, they’ve got an integration with Zapier so you can link pretty much anything you can think of.

Basically, if you want to take payments online, if you want to make a lot of conversions, then you need to get this software today.

In case you haven’t realied, I love it.

So far we’ve taken $169,587.50 using it, and it’s never broken.

Does it have my recommendation?

Hell yes, with bells on it.

TBH, if you don’t grab this now while you can still get lifetime access for one fee, then you should think about how serious you are about your online business.


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