Burning Celluloid

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When I was a kid, my dad used to have a reel-to-reel projector. We’d set it up in his living room, and watch the Disney films he had on it.

It had a bad picture, was crackly, had crap sound, but I loved it.

My dad was a film buff. He absolutely loved them, and that’s something he passed down to me. Even when I was younger, the first expensive thing I ever saved up for and bought myself, was a home cinema system. It began with a video projector, and then I slowly got speakers, an amp, and even a laserdisc player.

Damn, do you remember those?

I bloody loved it, even though my friends still take the piss out of me now for having one, I didn’t care. There was nothing better than sitting down to watch a high definition (for the time) laserdisc on a two meter wide screen.

And the truth is… I still love it.

And yes, I’ve still got a video projector, two meter wide screen, and complete digital surround system. But, to make it even better, we now live in a house where we can have the sound as loud as we want!

So my point is, I know a fair amount about movies, and production quality.

(did I mention I used to be an actor and have been on a number of film shoots to 😉

That’s why, when you see software like Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Infusionsoft, SalesForce and all the other high-end marketing software companies, you always want to get access to them.

Because their sales videos are damn good.

To be fair to them, the software’s usually pretty good too.

But the question is… Do you really need them?

And the answer to that is a resounding no.

They do make life easier, but at the same time they can cause you problems further down the line, because you’ll always be limited by them.

Having used most of them, and still using a number of them, I’d recommend that you don’t bother. There are far more effective ways to do those jobs, at a fraction of the price, and which leave you in complete control of your website.

And the bottom line is… if you’re in complete control of your website, then you can do whatever the hell you want, rather than only being able to do what your software provider allows you to do.

So my advice is, however nice the videos for fancy software looks, burn the celluloid of those movies and find a way to do it that remains completely in your control.


P.S. Oh yeah, 99% of the time hiring a developer to build you a custom solution will work out a lot cheaper and pay for itself within a few months! Just something to think about.

P.P.S. Penny Clicks is still available, and you can grab your copy here…


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