Can you juggle my balls?

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Man… sometimes there’s a lot of balls to play with.

(nudge nudge wink wink)

It’s like being a master juggler!

If anybody wants to play with my…. anyhoo… without any shadow of a doubt you know when you’ve got too much juggling going on because one by one those balls begin to drop.

In recent months my work day has changed quite dramatically. The most dramatic change is the timings.

Now, the morning is the time when I get the most done. If it doesn’t get done in the morning then it’s probably going to be done tomorrow.

But that means I need to start early, like 6:30am.

And just to f**k with me, Max is now changing his nursery times from afternoon to morning.

So he will start having breakfast at 7am and then I’ll take him to nursery at 7:30am.

Which means I have to adapt the working day again.

Here’s the thing…

You have to be adaptable if you’re running your own business. Things happen and you need to change what you’re doing in order to make it work with your life.

But whatever you do, remember that your business should suit your lifestyle.

If you find yourself with no time to spend with your family and friends, then something’s not right. It’s time to sit down and figure out a new schedule.

After all, the whole point of running your own business is to allow you small luxuries like that. If you’re not getting them, don’t ignore it.

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