Can you juggle?

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I used to be a pretty damn good juggler, up to a maximum of four items.

Balls, clubs, hoops, you name it and I could juggle with it.

I was taught to juggle as a child by a family friend. What makes people struggle with juggling is that the balls get away from them.

If you try to juggle by moving your arms forward, instead of to the side, then the balls get further and further away from your body until you drop them.

How do you learn to juggle?

Stand in front of a wall.


Let me explain… if you stand in front of a wall and the balls start to move away with you, instinctively you’ll move your hands out to stop them.

When you do that you’re going to punch a wall.

And I can tell you from experience… that hurts!

It doesn’t take very many times of hitting the wall until you stop doing it. Guess what? Very quickly you find that you’re juggling.

And that’s kinda how I look at business.

Do it the wrong way and you lose control of all the balls you’re juggling.

But do it right, and very quickly you learn to juggle.

If everything feels like it’s running away from you, and it will at some point, take a look at what you’re doing.

Ask yourself if you’re trying to learn to juggle without standing in front of a wall.

Without a doubt, if you feel like you’re losing control then you will have processes that aren’t working or things happening that don’t have a process.

You need to stop.

Look at it objectively.

Work out how you can make it manageable and structure it in a way that someone else could do the work if necessary.

Then implement your new plan.

And with that, I’m off to juggle some balls (or possible fire clubs).

See you in the circus 🙂


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