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REJECTED. That’s the message I kept getting yesterday

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Yesterday I mentioned that I was starting to drive traffic again using traffic networks.I got my first two campaigns up yesterday, and requested for them to be validated.What came back:REJECTEDWhy?There’s a virus scam on your website.Hmmm.So I contacted the affiliate network and they said that’s …

F**k Trump

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If nothing else, Trump has probably caused the most controversy as a president in recent history. Personally I think he’s a moron. If you’re for him, then I’m sorry, there’s not much I can do to help. One thangs for sure… Robert De Niro ain’t giving him much love! Michael [divider] Standing …

10 Lead Generation Strategies

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So yesterday’s email is kinda late, like an entire day! That’s because yesterday was one of those days where I only managed to sit down and work at 4pm. Today I’m just doing a half day, got some fun things to get up to this afternoon, so I’m doing this email bright …