Internet marketing ketchup

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I’m writing this email at 6am in the morning. Which, for me, is pretty damn early. I’ve just dropped my mum and grandad at the airport, and now I’m awake, I may as well get the days work done. At least I’ll be done by 9am 😉 On the way to the …

What the jiminy cricket was that!

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Yesterday I ballsed up. I’ve been running online businesses for over a decade, and still make mistakes. Hey that’s normal. We can’t get it right all the time. I re-sent the welcome email to my newsletter, to every single person on my list. So you probably got it again. Apologies for that. …

The REAL Secret Of Online Income

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Paid traffic. That’s the real secret. It’s the difference between having a hobby and a business. Everybody loves a new strategy or secret technique. The truth is, very little has appeared in internet marketing that’s truly new. It boils down to the same things…Get leads Send them emails Sell your product …

A Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing is the future of online businesses. It not only establishes you as a thought leader in your market, but it also can generate large volumes of traffic. While I have helped other companies achieve large traffic and revenue through their content marketing strategies, I’ve always been quite poor at implementing it on my own sites….

How To Repurpose Your Content To Drive Traffic – Part 2

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Repurposing content allows you to spread your content over the web and over a period of time will start to generate a consistent and strong flow of traffic to your website.In the last article we looked at how to find which of your posts to convert into PDF’s and then where to share those PDF’s.Today you’re going to take those PDF’s that you created and turn them into slides and then share these.In fact if you used the provider on Fiverr that I use to create your PDF’s then you’ll already have a set of slides and can just get straight into posting them.