Traffic Generation

How To Write 50 Promotional Emails And Make Money

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In the last few days I’ve written nearly 5000 words in emails for a product launch that I’ve currently got ongoing.And that’s only for the first three days of the launch.And… that’s just to the main list!It doesn’t include what’s being written by someone else to all our other lists.There’s at least another …

REJECTED. That’s the message I kept getting yesterday

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Yesterday I mentioned that I was starting to drive traffic again using traffic networks.I got my first two campaigns up yesterday, and requested for them to be validated.What came back:REJECTEDWhy?There’s a virus scam on your website.Hmmm.So I contacted the affiliate network and they said that’s …

10 Lead Generation Strategies

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So yesterday’s email is kinda late, like an entire day! That’s because yesterday was one of those days where I only managed to sit down and work at 4pm. Today I’m just doing a half day, got some fun things to get up to this afternoon, so I’m doing this email bright …