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Cloud hosting, is it worth it?

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I mentioned just before Christmas, that my hosting company support has been getting worse and worse. I’ve looked at moving a few times over the last eighteen months, but now I’ve decided that it has to happen. Since I’m moving, I’m also going to take the opportunity to create a better structure. …

Launches, launches, launches

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It’s been pretty quiet from me recently, and that’s because we’ve got a ton of things going on in one of my busiest websites, The Race Advisor. If you’re interested in horse racing, you can check it out here. Because of that I’ve been a bit quiet on my emails here. So… …

Why I’m Leaving ClickFunnels

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I’ve used ClickFunnels since they first launched. At the time, like a lot of people, I was using LeadPages. Then ClickFunnels launched. They seemed to offer a fix for everything that was irritating about LeadPages. Primarily more customisation, and the ability to build out the complete funnel and see how it converted. …