Chinese prisoner begs for help

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Recently in Arizona, a woman found a note from a Chinese prisoner in her purse when she left Walmart.

The note says that she is a prisoner who’s forced to work 14 hours a day under abusive conditions.

This isn’t the first time a note like this has been found by stores who outsource a lot of their work to the far east.

While we are trying to earn more money, live luxurious lifestyles, spend as much time as possible with our families, it’s important to remember that most of us were born into countries that give us the opportunities to do this.

There are millions people across the world trying to escape from conditions we can’t even imagine.

Just this weekend I overheard people complaining about how shit the NHS in the UK was and how they couldn’t find job.

And you know what… it pissed me off.

Because here’s the thang:

You get FREE healthcare in the UK

It’s unlikely to be that way forever, and in most of the world you don’t get proper health care full stop, let alone get it free.

And, as for not being able to get a job, what they really meant was…

They couldn’t find a job they wanted to do

If you’ve got a home address, it’s almost always possible to find work in a western country.

Yeah, it may be a job you don’t want to do.

But then if you need a job you need a job. If you can pick and choose the jobs you want to do, then you don’t need it that badly.

Rant over.


P.S. This is going to be a week of reflection for me. You’ll find out why later in the week.

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