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I’m sitting in a town in Northern Ireland called Newry.

Earlier this morning I dropped off Holly, my wife, where she’s working. Now I’ve been getting up earlier than I used to, but 6:30am is still pretty punchy. I opted to roll out of bed and into the car to take her to work, then go back to the hotel to get ready for the day.

The only problem was… I only had one episode left of Black Sails on Amazon Prime and it was still early, so I decided I’d start my day by watching that and then get to work.

By 9:30am I was back on the road and looking for a place to work. Which is how I came to the Maya Cafe. A small place where me, my laptop and Cholula’s Hot Sauce (on every table) have made a home for the day.

This is what it’s like to work online. You can be anywhere in the world. Start working at any time you want. All you need is… an internet connection.

And damn I love it.

But what I have next to me is my post-it notes. As I mentioned yesterday, I bloody love my post-it notes.

They will transform your business. And here’s how…

  1. Take one post-it note a day (one of the square ones). You’re not allowed any more.
  2. Write the one thing that must be done that day at the top (in normal sized writing, none of this tiny writing please).
  3. Under it put the next most important thing to do that day.
  4. Repeat until you hit the bottom of the note. You’ll get around four or five things on it.

Those are the only things you’re allowed to do on your business that day. Start at the top and work down, crossing them off as you go.

When you’ve finished, do the same thing for tomorrow so you’re all ready to go.

That’s it. Simple but phenomenally effective.

It forces you to focus only on the most important things. It gives you manageable goals each day, and the physical action of crossing them off with a pencil will psychologically give you the sense of achieving those goals and moving forwards.

Which means it also has the benefit of preventing overwhelm, because you’ve got to prioritise.

And if you’re feeling overwhelm then let me clear that up now. There’s only one thing you need to do to make money online… build a mailing list.

Which means you need this.

You can make do without anything else, including a website, but you cannot make do without a mailing list. Building that should be your only priority.


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