Designated Survivor (who would you choose?)

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We’ve been watching Designated Survivor on Netflix recently which, after watching Homeland, is kinda trashy.

But the more I watch of it, the more it gets me thinking.

The designated survivor is the person that would become U.S president if everybody else died in an attack.

Kirkman, the lead character and designated survivor, is the exact person you’d want to take over (although nobody thinks he can do it).

He’s got real values, he cares about people, and he does things for his country rather than personal gain.

In fact… he’s pretty much the opposite of every politician that seems to be out there at the moment!

Now before the naysayers start shouting me down. I’m sure there are some politicians out there who are like this. The only problem is…

…they don’t seem to be the ones with any serious power.

So my question to you is:

From the raft of shite that make up the world’s politicians, who would you choose as your designated survivor?

I honestly can’t think of a single one that I’d want to pick.


P.S. I’ve been working hard on the new Business Ignition, whose 10th issue comes out in less than two weeks. I’ve updated the main course and will be making it available online.

So keep a close eye out for it 😉

P.P.S. It’s gonna be quiet from me over the next few days, I’m at a stag party in Newcastle this weekend, and I have a feeling my head may still be sore on monday!

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