Do you ever want to smack someone in the face?

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Sometimes things happen that make you angry, and I don’t just mean a little angry, I mean so f***ing angry that only words like that will suffice.

This has happened to me not infrequently in business, but I’ve learnt (most of the time) to temper myself. Hell, a lot of companies pay me to be the middle-man where I sit between directors and others to make sure that nobody gets offended and problems get resolved as quickly as possible.

But occasionally, something happens that tips me over.

And that’s what happened this morning.

We are building homes for both my mum and Holly’s mum, so they live next to us.

I found out that the architects we are using had effectively wasted at least £10,000 (over $12,000) of our money, and probably a lot more, on things that were unnecessary and people who haven’t been doing their jobs properly.

Not only that, but we have been paying them for the privilege!

So, as you can imagine, they got a pretty angry phone call from me. We shall see how it resolves itself.

As I’ve mentioned, managing these kinds of situations is something I often get paid very highly for, and it’s something that you’ll come across time and again in your business if you want it to grow to a point where you have staff and other companies working for you.

The first time it happens in a new situation, I’ve never been involved in building a house before, it almost always costs you money.

But the key is… to only every learn your lesson once.

After it’s happened once, never let it happen again. Don’t forget, or think someone else or another company may be different.

Always assume it will happen again, and prepare your projects that way, that means you’ll never lose money on the same issue in the future.


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