Don’t do this while driving

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What is acceptable to do when you drive?

Have a coffee?

Eat a sandwich?

Play on your laptop?

A driver in the UK was caught on camera, using his laptop, while driving around one of the biggest motorways we have.

Now I know it can get addictive running an online bizniss, but you don’t want to be doing that. That’s the way to get yourself killed.

What you want to do is build your income online so that it takes you less time, not more time.

This guys problem?

He wasn’t using the Business Ignition method.

It’s simple, effective, and the next edition of the magazine is coming out in just under two weeks!


P.S. This edition comes with the new Business Ignition binder to store all the main reports and each monthly edition in. I’ll send you photos soon 😉

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