Driving Off The Grid

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Yesterday, Sarah Staar came to visit me on her Tesla road-trip to Scotland, and what a day we had!

She was a little bit late due to a bad traffic jam on the M1, and then couldn’t find a Tesla Supercharger (one of the free, high-powered charges for Tesla cars) in the service station.

So… she made the decision to skip the full charge and keep going. Something I would have done myself.


It turns out that there’s nearly a 100 mile gap, around Peterborough, without a Tesla SuperCharger.

No biggie, we thought, we’ll find one of the thousands of electric car chargers provided by other companies.

The first one was in a Toyota garage, it had never been used and had cars parked in front of it.

The second was 7Kw, we got the car plugged in and… discovered it would take 24 hours to charge. As we weren’t planning on camping out in a car-park that was a no go.

The third one was in a Nissan garage, and turned out to be programmed so that it could only be used by Nissan cars.

Now, dangerously low on juice, we headed to a service station where we believed to be a 52Kw charger.

And, thank god, there was.

But… you could only get thirty minutes charge at a time, it gave about 20 miles extra distance, and… it cost £6!

Which kinda makes it pretty inefficient.

Lesson learned = Make sure you plan your route for Tesla SuperChargers (which only take 20 mins to charge the car to 300 miles) and charge up at them.

Anyhoo, I frickin loved the car. I was considering getting one anyway, and even with the charging issue, I was completely sold on it.

Oh yeah, and in-between all that Sarah asked me to do an interview. It was completely unexpected and everything was off the cuff. As soon as it gets published I’ll send you a link so you can check it out 🙂

Have a great weekend.


P.S. Here’s where the magic happens.

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