Driving to the end of the world

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A few years ago I did a drive, a drive that seemed like we were going to the end of the world. I drove from Hannover in Germany, to Istanbul in Turkey.

Thats a 1460 mile, or 2350 km, journey.

And… we did it in one go!

My mum was living in Hannover at the time, and had just got a new job in Istanbul. All her furniture had been sent on ahead, but she…

a) Wanted to keep her car

b) Has two old dogs who can’t fly

Which meant the only way she was going to get to Istanbul, was by driving.

So, being the dutiful son I am, I offered to split the driving with her, and off we went.

Twenty four hours of solid driving is not something I’d recommend anybody do. We had a timeframe, which meant we didn’t have time to stop. I would sleep while my mum drove, and then she’d sleep while I drove.

And we did that the entire way.

Along the journey we stopped in different places for petrol and food, some kinda scary, and some kinda nice.

To this day, I have friends who have no idea why we did that. It just doesn’t make sense to them why you’d want to do it.

But here’s the reason…

When you do anything for the first time, it’s an adventure.

If you’ve never done it before then it’s exciting.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s always parts of a journey that are tiresome, boring and you want to stop.

There’s no getting away from that. And I know people who don’t take journeys, because they don’t want to have to go through that part of it.

But if you do that, then you’re never going to do anything new. You’re never going to get the thrill of success at the end of the journey. You’re never going to have the stories to tell or the new experiences to talk about.

It’s exactly the same online.

It doesn’t matter if your journey has just begun, you’re in the middle, or you’ve already climbed the mountain and are making a fortune each and every year.

You’ve got to start the journey, you’ve got to go through boring, frustrating, and tiring parts to get the exciting bits.

It’s the same with any journey, and there’s nothing different about your online one.

If you want to change the road you’re traveling from a dusty, seldom used, cart track, to a modern super-fast highway.

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