Do you like going to seminars?

Running seminars is big business these days, and you get seminar junkies who go to every single one that they hear about.

But they’re damn expensive.

Take Todd Brown’s recent MFA live event…

Tickets were $997!

Sell a thousand tickets and you’ve just made a million dollars in sales, before you begin pitching anything from the stage.

Which is why in recent years the quanitty of seminars being hosted is getting larger and larger.

The question is… are they worth it?

IMHO there are two reasions to go to a seminar:

1) Content
2) Networking

If you’re going for networking then you’ve got to be hugely pro-active and know exactly why you want to network, and what you’re going to get out of it.

There’s no point in networking without having something to offer the people you’re networking with.

If you’re going for content, then spending nearly a thousand bucks on a ticket, plus flights and hotel accomodation is a lot of money.

At least, I think it’s a lot of money, but then again I have been known to be kinda tight.

Like any product or service, some of the seminars have great content and some of them don’t.

Todd Brown’s MFA had some pretty damn good content, but you’d expect that with speakers like…

Clayton Makepeace
Brian Kurtz
Rich Schefren
Molly Pittman
Mike Filsaime
Ryan Levesque
Jon Benson
Dave Dee

And of course… Todd Brown.

That’s some serious line-up!

But the fee is out of reach for a lot of folk, which is why I would recommend you go and buy the notes from someone who went.

Like these ones.

This is an awesome way to get all the content, for a fraction of the cost.

But there’s actually a better reason to get it, other than it costing your thirty bucks instead of a thousand, and that is…

By definition notes only take into account the most important actionable content.

When you deliver a speech you know you’ve got an hour, or longer, on stage. So you build your speech to include anecdotes, stories and other things to keep your audience interested and entertained.

For us folk who just want the nuts and bolts, you can assume that in every hour long speech, there’s about fifteen minutes worth of truly actionable content.

By getting notes from the event instead of going, you get only the most actionable elements from each speaker. All the fluff is removed.

And that’s the single best way to move your business forward.

You don’t want to get bogged down with the fluff, there’s waaaay to much of that anyway.

So you can save a shite load of cash, and only get the parts that are important.

Here’s where to get notes from Todd Brown’s 2017 MFA.

Inside these notes you’ll get:
The “24-Hour Traffic Trigger” – revealed by Todd Brown – that average marketers in your niche will NEVER be able to afford… but you can put to work (at a profit!) and see real results from within just 24 hours!
Clayton Makepeace’s almost-unbelievably easy and effective way to create instant trust in your prospects… even if you have no track record… a distinct lack of authority… and zero credibility in your market!

How Brian Kurtz turns ordinary email leads into ravenous devourers of content who will drop everything the moment they see his name in their inbox… and the fastest and most effective way to do the same for your marketing messages!

UNKNOWN? Use Rich Schefren’s trick to become an instant authority expert within 25 seconds from the start of any marketing campaign!

Molly Pittman has 4 simple numbers you need to know so you never again have to wonder about when you need to “trim the fat” from your campaigns and when you need to scale!

Mike Filsaime’s discovery of the “Ultimate Webinar” close even the greenest and most timid presenters are using to turn webinars into hefty paydays!

The one simple question Ryan Levesque asks new customers in the very first email to make them fall head-over-heels in love with him and do his bidding!

Cut your writing time by up to 75% with tested and proven Jon Benson’s “Email Themes”!

Dave Dee tells you how 5 hours of work can results in a MONSTER DAY of sales… as often as you choose… at least 15 times a year!

I mean damn, any more than that and you wouldn’t have time to implement it.

Get all these things right here for just 3% of what people paid to actually attend the event!


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