Everybody On The Planet Is A Dumb Ass

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It’s a fact, everybody on the planet is a dumb ass.

And that’s not just me being an asshole, it’s been learned through many years of hard lessons.

That’s just the way you’ve got to look at it if you’re running your own business.

If you already run your own business then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you’re in the process of starting your own business, online or offline, then listen up… this is going to save you a lot of heartache!

It’s a truth that nobody will be able to do the job like you.

It’s a truth that whoever you’ve got doing the work will make the most dumb ass, stupid mistakes. The kind of mistakes you never even imagined possible.

It’s a truth that there will be times you’ll want to pull your hair out and scream.

Welcome to running your own business.

Because folk like us who run their own businesses are different from the people who work for us, and they’re different from freelancers.

That’s three very different types of people.

Each one requires different personality traits, and with those personality traits come varying ways of viewing work.

The business owner will generally get stuck in wherever necessary, they’ll hustle and find ways to solve problems, they’ll negotiate, adapt and change to make sure the result is what they want.

The employee is happy to get a fixed amount of money every month, they’re happy to know what they’ll get paid, they’re happy to do whatever that requires day-in-day-out and walk away from everything at the end of the day.

(and sometimes I think they’ve got a very valid point!)

The freelancer is somebody who sits in-between these two, they don’t want the responsibility of running a business, they don’t want to employ other people, but they want a bit more freedom and flexibility than an employee, whilst still only having to worry about themselves.

Of course, this is a huge generalisation, there are employees who are like business owners, think senior management, CEO’s, directors etc. 

But we don’t need to worry about that for now, we just need to focus on these three basic types.

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All the best

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