Facebook Banned Me

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So last night I got the email from Facebook that read like this…

Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation

Account Id: *************

Hi Michael,

Your ad account has been disabled for promoting ads which violate our Facebook Ad Guidelines.

Any ads you are running under the Ad Account ID listed above have been turned off. If you believe this has been a mistake, please contact us.

We also suggest reviewing our e-learning Blueprint module to better understand Facebook Ad Guidelines.

What was I doing you may ask.

How was I breaking the rules.

In complete honesty I wasn’t breaking any rules, although the one that they would be referring to is gambling related.

And here’s what makes Facebook, and other similar sites, so ridiculous. In the UK, the bookmakers are allowed to advertise on them, we’ve been advertising gambling related products with them for years and…

…they approve the damn adverts in the first place!

I mean, you’d think that if you weren’t allowed to run an advert, they wouldn’t approve it to begin with.

Anyhoo, it really doesn’t bother me, because very little of our traffic comes from Facebook ads, and this is just one of our accounts. The primary reason for me running ads on Facebook is to build up Facebook page audiences.

The average engaged Facebook email lead costs around five bucks a piece in most markets, although you can get them for less with good optimisation.

And that’s why the majority of my leads never come from Facebook.

After all, I can get engaged leads for less than a dollar using solo ads.

The lesson I’d like to pass on here, is to never have all your eggs in one basket.

You MUST be in control of your business. Which is why I prefer paid traffic to SEO, do you really want Google to decide they no longer like your business and shut it down by dropping your ranking?

If you’re looking for an online business that’s never going to be shut down, that will always make you money, and that only takes a fraction of the time it takes to create Facebook ads, then you want to join the Business Ignition club.



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