F**k Phones

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So… Happy Friday 😀

I’ve been trying to make a video for Zuzman, showing just a basic walk-through of how to register and get started.

Nothing flashy, after all,l it’s only in beta testing.

I got the video recorded this morning, it only took about 10 minutes.

But… it turns out that I forgot to turn my microphone on.


That means I’ve got to re-record the audio over the top of it. Which I began to do, but now the day is under way and guess what?

The phone won’t stop ringing!


Unfortunately I can’t turn my phone off toda as I”m expecting some calls which I need to take.

So it seems, for now, that I’m going to have to put the video on hold.

Whether the video is going to be good or a monstrosity is yet to be seen, but I’m hoping for the first 😉

Time will tell.

For now… have a great weekend.

Hopefully I’ll have the video done by Monday, but we’re going to see Hamilton this weekend. So it’s all dependent on how much we enjoy ourselves afterwards!

Over ‘n out,


P.S. You can still access the Zuzaman Slack group at https://goo.gl/LnMgfi

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