If nothing else, Trump has probably caused the most controversy as a president in recent history.

Personally I think he’s a moron. If you’re for him, then I’m sorry, there’s not much I can do to help.

One thangs for sure… Robert De Niro ain’t giving him much love!



Standing Ovation by F*****g Trump

(not literally, that would be wrong!)

Robert De Niro has always been an outspoken critic about Donald Trump, but on Sunday night he lifted it to a new level!

In his speech he said “F**k Trump” and the audience awarded him with a standing ovation.

Want the full story?

Here it is in all it’s toupe glory.


The Ultimate Guide To Question Headlines

Learn To Get Killer Open Rates By Asking A Question

Headlines are important.

Scratch that.

Headlines are possibly the most important element of an email or sales page.


Because if you don’t get a reader interested in the headline, they sure as heck ain’t gonna be reading the rest of your writing on the page.

(or opening your email if it’s a subject line)

However, most folk don’t spend enough time thinking about the headsline they’re going to use, or how they’re going to use it.

Me included.

Time is always precious, so how can we write a headline quickly that we know will get attention?

By asking oursdelves four questions.

The four questions outlined in this blog post from the awesome Copyblogger team.


Nobody Wants To Buy Your Stuff?

Here’s How To Fix It…

Only a small number of the people who visit your website are going to want to buy your stuff.

And no, it’s nothing personal.

Unless you have a photo of yourself on the sales page and you’re super-ugly.

But then you may be selling make-overs and able to turn that into a fortune!

It’s simply the fact that only a few people who come to your site are going to want the benefits of your product enough to be prepared to part with their hard earned mulla.

Simply put, you start at the top of a funnel (the widest part) with lots of people visiting your website, and as you go down the funnel people drop out until you get to the number of people purchasing.

Here’s a nice graphic from Quicksprout showing it.

The question all companies want answering is…

How do I get the most people from Awareness to Conversion?

And that’s an answer which Neil Patel answers in this superb post.

What do you think?

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