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It’s not often that I purchase internet marketing products anymore. The reason isn’t that they don’t have good content, but rather that I never seem to have the time to use them. I’m going through one high-end course from a big internet marketer at the moment, and then I have four other courses waiting for me to go through.

Admittedly I’m not the exact target customer that most of these products are designed for. As a general rule I find that I’m going through them to learn one or two nuggets that I know are exactly what I need to propel my business further. That makes videos a very tough type of training for me to use. Being a fast reader I can go through written content very quickly and find what I want, whereas with videos I have to sit and watch hours of information without having any idea of when what I’m looking for is going to crop up.

With the vast variety of products, services, memberships, websites and software available in the IM market it’s surprising that 99.99% of them have the same thing missing. This is…

…any kind of focus on user experience!

Although some of them look nice and shiny, the majority of them look like designs that’ve walked out of a 90’s feature film.

Okay that bugs me, but it’s not what I mean by user experience.

A user experience can be applied to both software, websites and members areas. In fact, it can be applied to absolutely anything that you’re going to have customers using.

With the rise of mobile devices and apps, users are becoming less and less patient in trying to figure out how to use something. It’s now almost expected that they’ll be able to figure out how to use your product within a few minutes without any kind of manual.

Yet the majority of products released into the IM market make it frustratingly difficult to navigate. And if this is what you’re making people do, then… they’ll cancel their membership or ask for a refund on their software.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, I want you to ask some questions about your service, whether it’s a website, members area or software:

  • What is the most important thing for a user to do?
  • Why are users using this service? What are they looking for?
  • How many clicks does it take a user to get to different areas of your site or product?

The first thing that you need to do is determine what’s the most important aspect of your site or software for your user. This should be displayed instantly when they first access your service. Don’t make them jump through hoops to get to this crucial element.

Next, you need to be honest with yourself about what your users want from your service and what they’re looking for. If you’re not sure then put together a survey asking them.

Without this knowledge it’s impossible to make sure that you’re delivering what your customers want in the most efficient manner possible.

Your next focus is how many clicks it takes for your user to get to any element on your website or in your software. Ideally it should take no more than three clicks to achieve everything that needs to be achieved. Of course, in some instances this is impossible, but only in very few!

If there are places that take more than three clicks to get to, look to see if you can re-arrange your layout to enable it to be possible in three or less.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your website designer will be a good user experience (UX) designer. Although you would think that UX design is critical to website design, the majority of web designers have no idea how to design based on user experience rather than look. I would always recommend sourcing a good UX designer first and then once you have the structure getting them to design the website or taking the structure to another website designer to design the final look.

Make it easier for your customers to achieve what they want and they’ll turn into raving fans!

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