I know what you’re thinking… you bad person 😉

I’m talking about content. Every single page online has a ton of content on it, and if you’re going to build a website then you’re also going to need a ton of content.

But with Google and other search engines now properly taking into account how good your content is, how much your readers share and interact with it, it’s become more important than ever.

Not a single week goes by without me receiving an email from somebody asking how to write good content.

I write a minimum of 1500 words a day, sometimes it may be double that.

That’s about a book every six months, and that’s just in my emails. It doesn’t include any actual books I may have written or guides, manuals, extra blog posts etc…

And the question is…

How do I do that every single day without spending my life writing

Which is a pretty good question.

The first, and arguably most important, is to always have a list of ideas. Nothing sucks up your time like sitting in-front of a computer wondering what to write about. If you’ve done that for more than a couple of minutes then give up and do something else.

Keep a list of ideas somewhere and add to it daily. When you come to write then you just take the top idea, cross it off the list and start.

Simple and effective.

I’ve already written about where to get these ideas in the past, but if you missed that email then hit me up in our private Facebook group and I’ll give you some more.

The second big secret is… write ahead of time.

If you’re trying to write something for that day, you’ll always feel like you’re chasing your tail. That’s not conducive to good, or easy, writing.

You’re supposed to be enjoying this whole online thang. If you’re not then what’s the point!

Don’t put any stress on yourself, write when best suits your schedule but always write for tomorrow, the day after or even next week. Whatever you do, don’t be writing stuff on the day it needs to go out.


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