If you look at most CEO’s of large companies, they have one thing in common…

…they all got rich when they began to employ experts to do the work for them.

They’re great at running a business, they have ideas and can manage people. But the day-to-day work, the actual making of the products, they get other people to do that.

Other people do the work that makes them rich.

That’s just the way it happens.

And you can do EXACTLY the same online.

Building your mailing list is probably the most important thing that you’ll do in your online business. It’s what will generate you 99% of your income.

But creating those squeeze pages can be hard. You’ve got to come up with a design, write the copy and the split-test them to get a good opt-in rate.

When you start, you may get an opt-in rate of 10% or 15%. Then you need to try and get that up to 20% or 30%, which is where most people stop.

Now imagine if you could easily get a 40% opt-in rate, without ever having to know how to write copy, and without needing to design any squeeze page.

Oh yeah, and it doesn’t involve paying someone else to do it for you 😉

It’s possible to create a squeeze-page in just ten minutes, and get 40%+ of your visitors opting in, even if you’ve never managed to do it before.

I call it the ‘piggy back’ method, and all the goodness is in next months Business Ignition.



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