Goodness gracious, great balls of spam

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Over the weekend Oleg Kheifets posted on his Facebook asking for suggestions about which autoresponder software to use.

There were all sorts of replies from Mailchimp to Aweber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and all the others you know about.

I was the only person who said…

Why the heck would you want to spend an insane amount of money every month on an autoresponder service who can shut you down whenever they feel like it.

Oh, and if they do shut you down and you’ve not been taking regular backups of your leads, you won’t be able to get them either.

Now I’m never going to do something an autoresponder company doesn’t like. I’ve never been shut down by one, and we’ve always mailed fully spam compliant emails.

But… the idea of another company being able to totally destroy my business in seconds is rather uncomfortable.

If you’re in internet marketing and have a mailing list, then you run an email business.

When your email list disappears so does your business.

Personally I use software called MailWizz, which you can get here.

It costs a whopping… $54.

That’s a one-off fee!

Install it on your own server and connect it to Amazon SES.

It will take you just a few hours to install and get up and running, your delivery will be excellent, the software is awesome, and it will cost a fraction of the price of an autoresponder service.

Oh, and if you’re worried about Amazon SES costs, it’s about $150 to send nearly 1 million emails.

So it’s pretty darn cheap 😉

Anyhoo, my recommendation is you use this software.

Do with that what you will!


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