I’ve had countless emails saying something along the lines of…

I’ve lost my job, I need to make some money, I don’t have a product and I’ve spent everything I’ve had on X and Y products but it didn’t work. Can you help me?

I reply to pretty much every email I get, but usually I’ll reply to the above email with information such as do this first… then this… when you’ve done that you should only then look at building a mailing list etc…

Do you know what I get back most of the time?

But I don’t know how to do those steps, can you show me exactly.

And the answer is… nope.

Because I’ve just told them exactly what to do.

I’ve told them to go and stop buying products. To generate initial revenue by selling any skills they have through Upwork. While making money there as a freelancer, choose a niche they want to work in etc…

But they don’t want me to show them what to do, they want me to do it for them.

If you don’t know how to use Upwork, five minutes on Google shows you a hundred tutorials of different ways to bid for a project. I’m not going to write a guide to using a piece of software, they’ve got their own help documents and support desk.

Yeah I’m gonna help you, I’m going to share things in these emails that work for me. I’m gonna share ways here about how to choose a niche, how to drive traffic, how to write copy and a ton more. But I’m not gonna do the work for you. If you want that then you’re in the wrong place.

And why do people think that I’m going to do all the work for them?

They’ve been eating too much of that gooroo pie!

You know, the sort that says you can spend 10 minutes a day, start with nothing and be earning $10k a month in the next thirty days.

Stop eating that pie. The outside looks nice, but the inside is empty.

There isn’t some magical money tap on the internet. It’s a business, and you’ve gotta learn how to build it.

Granted, once you’ve learned how to build it then it’s a heck of lot easier than offline businesses, requires a lot less time and with profit margins that are usually way higher.

But you still gotta put the work in to get there.

Over and out.


P.S. I’m going to be releasing my step-by-step online business strategy manual and newsletter (the paper type that gets delivered to your door) in the next few weeks. It’s not gonna be cheap, but if you’re serious about an online business it will take you where you want to go.

You can pre-register to be notified when it’s ready at…


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