Happy Birthday (and how to make a killing)

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It’s Max’s 1st birthday today. I can’t believe it’s already been a year, I must be getting old!

I’m a bit late writing today’s email, and that’s because I got bombarded this morning. The joys of running multiple companies.


I’ve got a great nugget of information for you today on how you can make an absolute killing on your next birthday.

It’s pretty damn simple…

Send a series of emails to your list offering them a massive discount on your products.

Simple, and absolutely killer if you do it right.

To do it right you need to:

1) Make sure that you only offer this up until 11:59pm on the evening of your birthday. No if’s or but’s, if they’ve not bought it by then bad luck.

2) Make the offer super-incredible, this works particularly for subscriptions where you will get the full recurring payment in a months time.

3) Put a countdown timer at the very top of the page with a headline just for the special offer. This drives urgency.

4) Put a buy button immediately under the countdown timer.

5) Put a countdown timer above every single button on the sales page.

6) Remember to change the pricing on the sales page so it reads the right price and you don’t confuse your customers.

Follow those six steps and your next birthday will be one to really enjoy 😉

Right, off out to the soft play, asta la vista!


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