Headlines That Convert

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It doesn’t matter what you do online, you’ll always need to write headlines that convert.

You need to do it for:

Subject Lines

Sales Copy

Facebook Posts

Ad Copy

Squeeze Pages

And much, much more.

To be honest, pretty much anything you touch is going to require a headline. Heck… I know marketers who pay thousands of dollars for a good headline.


Because if you can grab someones attention for more than a couple of seconds, you’ve got a much bigger chance of converting into a sale.

A headline is worth 90% of every advertising dollar.

So when writing a headline you want it to be four things…

  1. Unique
  2. Useful
  3. Create Curiosity
  4. Show Benefits

If your headlines don’t have all of those in it, you’re going to be losing sales.

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It’s an awesome little tool that in one-click gives you instant access to the best headlines ever published.


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